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Rent Conditions

All of the apartments listed at have been previously selected. They all are fully furnished and include dishware, air-conditioning and cable television sets (some also include high speed internet). takes care of the reservation of the property for the period of time arranged by the tenant.
If, before the arrival of the tenant to the property, a contingency made it impossible for him to stay, would propose two courses of action:
1) relocation to another apartment or property of similar characteristics, facilities and preferences, available for the requested period of time, or
2) refund of the reservation fees

Reservations are guaranteed after the payment of 30% of the total cost of the stay, by a deposit in Bank Santander Rio. If the guest cancelled the reservation, the sum will not be refundable, unless this cancellation takes place 30 days prior to the date reserved (in this case, the refund will consist on 80% of the deposit).

The day of the tenant's arrival, a representative of will receive him from 10 am to 1pm or 3pm to 7pm at the office, located at 2030, Colón Av. (Mar del Plata), to sign the rental agreement and the inventory, to pay the rest of the stay and a guarantee in the form of a deposit as collateral. After this, the tenant will receive the key to the property and further instructions for using the unit.

Leaving the property:
A few days before the finish day of the agreement, the guest has to arrange a meeting with a representative of to return the keys to the property. After the survey of the property (inventory and general conditions) will take place the refund of the deposit.
At the end of the period, the unit must be clean and in the same conditions that it was at the beginning of the period.

The rental agreements for specific periods of time have a start date and a finish date. Tenants have to sign a new agreement to stay for a further set period of time in the property, communicating their will beforehand to (at least 30 days prior to the finish date of the agreement) to make sure that no other reservation has been placed on the property for the same period of time.

The tenant has to pay the rent for the whole period for which he agreed to stay in the property. The rent paid is not refundable. We strongly recommend our clients to reserve the unit for the period they will certainly occupy it and sign a new agreement, if necessary, at the end of this period.

Check in time: 12 pm
Check out time: 10 am

For summer season rentals, the fortnights are the following:
1st Fortnight of January: 01/01/2009 12 pm to 01/15/2009 6 pm.
2nd Fortnight of January: 01/16/2009 12 pm to 01/31/2009 6 pm.
1st Fortnight of February: 02/01/2009 12 pm to 02/14/2009 6pm.
2nd Fortnight of February: 02/15/2009 12 pm. to 02/28/2009 6 pm.

If the tenant arrives before 12 pm and the property is available, he could occupy it with no additional cost. If it is not available, he should wait until the check in time.

If the tenant wants to make sure that the property is available before the check in time, he should make his reservation for the day before, paying an additional day.

If the tenant wants to leave the property after 10am the day the agreement finishes, and no reservation has been taken on the property for that date, he could occupy it as long as needed that day, with no additional cost. If a reservation has been placed by another tenant, he should leave it at the check out time or reserve it and pay a further day to avoid this inconvenience.

You do not have the right to stay in the property if the landlord wants you to leave.

The tenants are obligated to declare the names and ages of all of the apartment-dwellers during the tenancy. If a larger number of people stayed in the property, the tenant will be asked to leave the accommodation.

Unless specified to the contrary, the prices published on this website include all expenses; taxes; water, gas, electric and cable TV bills. is always at the disposal of the tenants, for any information that they may need, online or at the commercial offices. To contact us: (+54 223) 494-8692/ 495-5574 (95-353753)

Rent Mar del Plata
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